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Welcome to the official website of the Institute of Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture (IFSSA). It is hoped that the existence of this website can be used as a platform for the community to obtain useful information and knowledge, especially related to the food security and sustainable agriculture in Malaysia. In short, IFSSA is one of the center of excellence (CoE) in research and innovation in agriculture, agro technology and food security managed under the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation), based in UMK Jeli Campus.

As a sign of support for the 17 key areas in the Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Develompent Goals) put forward by the United Nations (UN), IFSSA is moving in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) goal of SDG 2, Zero Hunger, to achieve food security goals (Food Security) to strengthen the position of the country's global food security index as well as to promote sustainable agro-agriculture (Sustainable Agriculture).

It is hoped that by 2030, the IFSSA function is expected to be expanded nationwide and become a reference center for issues related to agriculture, agro technology and food security by providing technological expertise, skills and consultation to stakeholders involved for socio-economic development.

Finally, I call on all to jointly support and work with IFSSA to help improve the country's food security index and increase agricultural resources for the success and glory of religion, race and country.

Ts. Dr. Maryana binti Mohamad Nor
Institute for Sustainable Food Security and Agriculture
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