Agro-Based Industry Product Development Project (ABID) is simply the first agricultural and livestock-based downstream food product development project held at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. This project received a full injection of funds from the Agro-based Industry Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry of RM500,000.00. This project emphasizes to all groups, namely faculty staff, students and most importantly the community around UMK and Kelantan to move together to generate income and improve skills in food processing through entrepreneurial activities and the proliferation of new innovations.

"Making ABID a one-stop center as a Processing, Packaging and Commercialization Hub for agro-based industrial products that meet the needs and requirements of the government to the international level,"


"Helping the community / industry / students / alumni of UMK add value in existing products or create new products with the help of innovative technology to meet the current needs and wants in food technology"


"Working strategically with the Faculty, Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry and Industry in promoting UMK technology and expertise."
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