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Institute of Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture (IFSSA), Universiti Malaysia Kelantan 

IFSSA is set up as a  centre for research and innovation in the area of agriculture, agricultural technology and food security. The focus of research and innovation is to enhance food productivity through the use of state of the art agricultural technologies and methodologies. Enhancing food productivity means ensuring food security. Other activities include coordinating training, seminars, consultancy services, conferences, and community services. IFSSA will be collaborating  with various government agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Regional Transformation Centre (RTC), National Agriculture Training Council (NATC, MOA), Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang (LPP), FAMA, KESEDAR, KADA, ECER and private sectors, including the possibility of technology transfer of research findings and commercialization.




Towards Food Security for the people through sustainable agriculture


Enhance food productivity to ensure food security through the use of state of the art agricultural technologies and methodologies.


1. To act as coordinating center for the activities related to the research and innovation in the area of agriculture, agriculture technology and food security. IFSSA will be one of the focal point for new strategies in enhancing research and innovation in agriculture at UMK.

2. To undertake lifelong teaching and learning, consultation and services center, and technology incubator for agriculture, agriculture technology and food security to create successful entrepreneurs through short courses on specific technological know-how and agro-based industries development.

3. To provide services in agriculture, agriculture technology and food security products development, and marketing strategies through the incubators facilities in line with the Agropark development.

4. To manage and monitor the progress and the way forward for the in the businesses of knowledge sharing and skills development with the stakeholders.

5. To undertake management and promotional roles in enhancing the availability of resources and expertise in UMK.

6. To collaborate with national and international institutions specializing in agriculture and to complement the initiatives by government agencies particularly agencies under MOA in areas related to agriculture practices and food production.



1. IFSSA seeks to be the center of expansion in resource management available in university that can be used to generate income and development of knowledge and skills not only to the students but also to the general public.

2. IFSSA will coordinate all activities and projects generated from the faculty in agriculture, in particular in the field of technology transfer to the community.

3. IFSSA hopes to be a coordinating body that will oversee advice, negotiate, facilitate, monitor and bring through research findings towards successful outcomes from those activities.

4. IFSSA will act as a driving force in promoting technical agriculture research in local and overseas UMKs including areas such as entrepreneurship agriculture, agricultural product development, technology applications, commercialization of production and agro-food safety in large-scale initiatives, and agro tourism.

5. IFSSA will play a more active role in the translation of research and services in agriculture for the establishment of a SME community that is in line with UMK's vision as an entrepreneurship university.